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28 maart 2015

Sushi Workshop

Een leuke middag gehad met een kleine groep bij een Sushi workshop. Zelf de Sushi seasoning en de Sushi sojasaus gemaakt. 

Pasen thema/ Thai food Easter meal

Het wordt hier gewerkt...
Snijden en snijden....
Spicy zachte gekookte eieren salade
Omeletten opgerold met vulling van gehakt (Khai Yad Sai)
Nog een versie van Khai Yad Sai
Snijbonen salade met garnaal en gehakt met pittige pinda saus (Yam Thau)
Ook een beetje Thaise taal les voor een vakantie erbij....
Leuke schade....
Roerbak kippengehakt met basilicum (Phad Kra Prao Kai)

15 maart 2015

12 maart 2015

Zo.. gemaakte Thaise maaltijd

Van deze ingrediënten heb ik gemaakt....(zie onder)
dit is voor 6 mensen. 
Groene curry met kipfilet
Roerbak mie

Roerbak rundvlees in Thaise zoet-zuur saus 

11 maart 2015

2 maart 2015

How to make Golden Milk

I guees i'd better write this aritcle in English because it's not only easy for English readers but also for my Thai friends. 
As a Thai, i love eating curry and almost all kinds of fresh and dried herbs. I was living in a small villlage in Thailand when i was jong where there were no medicines (like we use these days). Whenever i got sick, my mother gave me a kind of drink which was made from herbs, roots of some plants and water. She always kept those herbs rapped in a white cloth.  I had no idea which kinds of herb they were but they seemed to work. When i grew up and moved to a bigger town where the medicines were available, i had to take medicines when i got sick. Now i got two beautiful kids and a lot of times i wonder if those medicines were really neccessary. My oldest son is now almost 6 years old and the only medicine he has used is Suppositoruim (paracetamol for kids). 

I love puur and fresh food and i always spend time to prepare food. I believe that everyone would like to live healthy but it's just not that easy to do these days when there are a lot of "food seductions". Maybe this is one of good and healthy kinds of drink that you might enjoy making it at home, like i do. 
Try this Golden Milk made from Turmeric and milk because it's easy and worth trying. Plenty of health advantages which i can't even remember (in this case Google is a place to find out). Turmeric is easy to find and it costs almost nothing but it gives back unbelievable good health. 
How to make Turmeric paste for Golden Milk:
- 5 tbsp. of  turmeric, cook with water with low heat about 3-4 minutes. Stir slowly. 
- If it's too thick, add some more water. 
- Add some fresh grounded black pepers (about 1tsp.) 
- leave it to cool down and keep this paste in a pot in the fridge, it will last 2-3 weeks. 
How to drink it? 
- Heat the milk (or soy milk/ almond milk/ goat milk) in a cup. You can use a pan or a  microwave.
- Add 1 tsp. of turmaric paste
- Add 1 tsp. of coconut oil. This is very important because it works wonderful with fat. You can also use another kind of oil/ fat but i recommend coconut oil because it's natural.
- Add black pepers. This is a must! without black pepers, this drink will not work well.
* if you are not used to this drink this golden milk,  you may add some honey or sugar. Kids love it and do i!

I recommend one or two glasses a day. One in the morning and another one before you go to bed. 

Healthy and above all ...delicious!