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24 november 2015

Recipe Salmon with Thai Panaeng curry sauce

As requested by my Instragram friends, i make this curry recipe in English.
Note: Bare with my Thinglish (Thai+English) because i don't use this language everydaylife for the last 11 years. Writing recipes is not my thing. I love cooking and let people see and taste how the Thai food is cooked because it's neccessary to taste and make it your own favourite taste. Some like it very spicy, salty or sweet. So, this recipe is a basic of the Panaeng curry and you might have to adjust to your own taste.

Panaeng curry is one of delicious curries from Thailand. It's very tasty, not too spicy, and there are plenty of herbs that used in the Thai kitchen. The aroma from the "lemon leaves" is the main Thai taste of this dish. It's very easy to make once you have right ingredients.

Ingredients for 2 persons:
- 2 big pieces of salmon, i used a frozen one
- 1 can coconut milk, minimal 60% coconut extract (this will give really good taste to the curry). Look for brands e.g. Aroi-D, Chaokoh
*Cocunut milk is very important to a curry dish. If you are in Holland, i recommend to buy at Lidl with 82% coconutextract. One can of this can be used twice!
- 1 tablespoon of Panaeng curry paste. Recommnd Mae Ploy brand. Some brands are very salty and spicy.
*You can also make your own curry paste but when you are abroad there are curtain ingredients missing.
- 5-7 lemon leaves, finely chopped
- 1 teaspoon sugar
- 1 teaspoon fish sauce (sometimes it's not needed because salt is already in the curry paste)
- 2 tablespoons sun flowers oil
- Red pepper, long thin slice for garnishing
- Some broccoli, steam for 5 minutes
- A cup of cooked Jasmine rice

How to make Panaeng curry: 
- Add the sun flower oil in a pan with very low heat and add the Panaeng curry paste in the pan.
- Stir the paste about 1-2 minutes untill the oil turns orange and now you will smell more herbs from the curry paste. NEVER use fresh curry paste, cook then first because you then will miss a lot of aroma of all the herbs.
- Then add a half of the coconut milk. Turn the heat higher and let the coconut mike and curry paste cook. This will be the sauce.
- Add the salmon in the curry. Dont stir! because it will give the curry unpleasant smell. Just try to put the salmon under the curry if it can. If not, wait for a few minuites and turn the salmon carefully.
- Add more coconut milk if more sauce neede.
- Let another side of the salmon cook and then taste the curry sauce first. This is very important because some salmon gives very good taste to the curry and you don't need other ingredients to make it more delicious.
- Add some sugar, fish sauce as needed. Thai food is all about the balance and combinations of the flavours. This curry needs to be spicy, salty, sweet and creamy.
- Served with Jasmine rice and some broccoli or other veggetable . Add some more chopped red pepers and lemon leaves as garnishing to show what are in this dish.

* Panaeng curry is also often made with meat, pork and chicken.
* Add some lemon juice if the sauce too creammy.

I hope you like this recipe and adjust it to your own flovour.
More Thai food requests are welcome! :-)

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